09 May 2019

Solar Analemma


By  Samuele Pinna

A year ... 52 weeks .. So it took me to complete this project. A year ago I started with the
 first shot this adventure made of patience and dedication that led me to photograph the sun at
more or less regular intervals but always and anyway at 13 and 21 (except for the period in which
the hour was in force legal in which I had to postpone the whole of one hour). For a whole year
I spent the weekends with the alarm set at 13 (14) and 21 minutes. Two shots at a time: one at the
 background and one with a sunscreen applied in front of the camera to perfectly fix the position of the sun in the sky.
And then away in front of the PC monitor, to add frame on frame, week after week, with that '8 stylized like infinity
of which I had read on many texts, which I saw hand in hand before my eyes. It 's all true,
the sun has closed its path in the sky, and today finds itself in exactly the same position 365 days ago as
 if nothing had happened around, ready for another round and unaware of all that a man can happen in the span of a poor yea
r ... Good new round and thank you for lending you to these photo sessions =)
(Church of San Leonardo in Serramanna (SU) - Sardinia - December 2016-2017)



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