10 August 2019

The Seagull Nebula


By  Michael Sidonio
www.pbase.com/strongmanmike2002 )

The nebula IC2177 Soars like a huge magenta bird just south of the celestial equator on the boarder between the constellations of Canis Major and Monoceros. This is a largely narrow band image processed as a true colour image.

Takahashi FSQ106EDX4
FLI Proline 16803, CFW-5-7, Robofocus
Ha OIII SII RGB = 330 230 130 44 44 44 min = 13.7hrs total exposure (bin 1X1)
New Deep-Sky RGB Astronomik filters
-30C chip temp, dark frames and flats (using Aurora Flat Field Panel) applied
Focal length 530mm, FOV = 4deg X 4deg
Image scale 3.5"/pix
Guide Camera: Starlightxpress Lodestar

Data collected over three nights, 5, 6 and  14 Jan 2018, good seeing, good transparency

Equipment setup:


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