10 October 2019

Mars - 2018

By  Fabio Carvalho
www.astrobin.com/users/cyberplocos/ )

Mars on May 08, 2018 with fair seeing and good transparency! - Newtonian 16" f/4.8 with ASI 290 - Ribeirão Preto, Brazil

In the image we see all the splendor of the south polar cap that will soon begin to dissipate with the arrival of spring in the southern Martian hemisphere. In the central portion we have the great plain of Elysium, a frozen field covered by volcanic ash and much, much dust! :^) At the lower left edge we see an "i" shaped structure projecting from Cimmeria Terra into the Elysium plain ... at the tip of this structure is the Gale crater, research site and current address of the jeep explorer Curiosity since 2012. In the upper right corner hiding in the limb of the planet is Mount Olympus, the largest volcano in our Solar System, projecting itself as a large "spine" on the surface of the planet.


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