11 October 2019

M81, M82 and surrounding IFN

By  Nicolas KIZILIAN
www.astropixels.fr )

While waiting for the big nebulae next summer, I tried my hand at capturing the two famous galaxies M81 and M82, highlighting the surrounding IFN.

This is a very dense region for galaxies, there are not less than 126 galaxies in this image !

What's the IFN ? The iFN is high galactic latitude nebulae that are illuminated not by a single star (as most nebula in the plane of the Galaxy are) but by the energy from the integrated flux of all the stars in the Milky Way.

Total exposure : 13h00 in Ha, LRVB from Loiret/France from 5 to 8 may 2018.

Gear used : ZenithStar 66, Moravian G2-8300, Astrodon Ha, LRVB, AZ-EQ6.


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